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Garrison Engineered performs a wide variety of concrete installation, remediation and finishing applications. We are a certified installer.
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What we do

Garrison Engineered performs a wide variety of concrete installation, remediation and finishing applications. We are a certified installer for many of the most reputable construction materials manufacturers, which allows us to provide the best possible solutions for your individual project without limitation.

Concrete Protection & Finishes

Coatings and overlays formulated using the latest technology provide both protection and attractive finishes for your valuable concrete assets. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality when Garrison designs and installs your concrete finishes.

Concrete Densifiers & Polishing

Densifiers and polishing treatments strengthen and beautify your concrete surface while providing an economical solution to seal and protect expansive floor areas. With millions of square feet installed, no one knows polishing and densifying better than Garrison.

Concrete Repair & Restoration

At Garrison Engineered, we know it takes meticulous skill and educated experience to repair or restore damaged concrete and create a new beautiful structure. Our reputation is in your structure and we plan to make them both standout!

Resinous Coatings & Overlays

We apply the best quality materials from the most reputable manufacturers in the world to provide your company with a comprehensive selection resinous flooring systems.  Armed with vast knowledge and experience with urethane cements, epoxies, novolacs, vinyl esters, MMA, polyaspartics and polyureas, we consider all of your environmental and operational requirements to design and install the best possible flooring systems for your business.

Joint Treatments

Joint treatments are critical in maintaining the integrity of your concrete. Proper load transfer between slabs prevents costly damage to the concrete and alleviates the need for frequent repairs to lift trucks and pallet jacks. Joint sealants keep water from permeating the concrete slab at the joints and compromising the substrate. We install millions of lineal feet of joint fillers annually, providing excellent workmanship with remarkably efficient production rates.

We provide strength and durability in everything we do.